Kitchen and furniture production

Furniture, kitchen cabinets custom fitting white goods and home appliances should be a real pleasure and satisfaction for our clients. This is the final phase of renovation of the space before moving in.

By monitoring global trends and standards in furniture production and installation of high-quality materials and fittings company "Pinoles" - the right recommendations for the quality and professionalism of the services provided. At the same time equip the kitchen and the whole apartment appliances and household appliances is also a pleasure and satisfaction that can be achieved in all stores "Tehnomanija" -

By purchasing real estate through our agency will receive a discount of 5% on services and products in stores Pinoles and Tehnomanija.

If you are interested to let a proven team of experts take care of furniture production for your flat of working place, we offer the following service:

• Designing and production of custom made kitchens;
• Designing, production and installation of American closets with sliding door;
• Designing and production of  dressers;
• Designing and production of furniture for children;
• Designing and production of office furniture;
• Interior design (flats and working space);
• Designing and production of bathroom furniture.

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