Buying the real estate – do i get tax exemption?

Yes! If You do not own a real-estate on the territory of Serbia from July the 1st 2006, You are exempted from absolute rights transfer tax for a property area of 40m2. If the purchased property is larger than 40m2, You shall pay the absolute rights transfer tax regarding the quadrature difference. Furthermore, with each family member who does not possess property, but lives with you in mutual household, You are exempted from paying the tax to additional 15m2.

Required documents for a real-estate Buyer for tax exemption:

1. A photocopy of ID card;
2. A certificate of citizenship for a Buyer of the first apartment;
3. ID card photocopies of all household family members;
4. Certificates of citizenship of all household family members;
5. A photocopy of a Purchase contract;
6. Document of Buyer’s and family members’ residence;
7. Document of family members’ relation (birth certificate…);
8. A verified Buyer’s statement regarding the purchase of the first apartment;

Provided that this is the first real-estate you are buying and that it is newly built, You have the right to require the VAT refund.

VAT return, download the form.


Documents needed for VAT refund:

1. A birth certificate;
2. A certificate of citizenship;
3. A document regarding residence;
4. A verified contract photocopy;
5. A receipt or any other document that may serve as a receipt for apartment purchase which contains VAT;
6. A document showing that the agreed price with VAT is paid;
7. A verified statement regarding the purchase of the first apartment;

The VAT return (the VAT refund), download the form


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