How to buy & sell the apartment at the same time?

In our cases, trades are connected, i.e. in order to buy a property, you would first need to sell the one you live in. Security, synchronization and protection of the entire business are the key factors.

-The first step is selling real-estate which starts by signing a Pre-contract and paying a deposit (usually in the amount of 10%).
In the Pre-contract which guarantees a maximum legal protection for both parties, a date, which is a deadline for the payment of the total purchase price, is defined and followed by a real-state takeover. The deadline is not defined by law, therefore both parties establish it accordingly (it is usually no later than 45-60 days from signing the Pre-contract). There is a formulation related to a date in the Pre-contract – no later than, but there shall be no obstacles for an earlier payment, if all the conditions are fulfilled.

-The second step represents a choice of a new real-estate.The parameters being clear, requests realistic and an agent experienced,this should not be a problem, especially regarding the number of real-estate offers in Belgrade. Bearing in mind a carefully chosen location – micro location – well known requests regarding floors, heating and design, an “Advantage Real Estate” agent shall show You a great number of quality real-estate from both his offer and his colleagues’ offers from different agencies. After a certain number of visits to quality real-estate, an ex-Seller should have chosen a future apartment and signed a Pre-contract as a Buyer, regarding purchase with the same date of payment and takeover according to the purchase Pre-contract.

Due to the specificity of the work, we advise You to trust the whole purchase to one agency that shall take the responsibility for managing deadlines, paying the purchase price, entering the property and many other actions related to buying and selling.

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